Our Story

The Caring Company was started after our founder had spent many years caring for her parents and her daughter. Realizing that many people were not able to care for their loved ones themselves, our founder started Caring Company to assist those who needed help caring for their loved ones.

After running the business for six years, our founder handed off the company to our current owner, who had worked at Caring Company since its inception. Today, the Caring Company still operates with the same priniciples that it was created with. We are here to assist those who are in need of care, or those who need care for others.

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Our Founder

Joanna Harley, our founder, had cared for her parents before learning that her daugher was diagnosed with MS. After her daughters passing, Joanna became aware that many people experience the same hardship that she had experienced.

With the vision of helping people care for their loved ones, Joanna started Caring Company in 2000. After operating for six years, Joanna suffered from a stroke and decided that it was time to hand off the company to her long time employee Janet Centers.

Our Owner

Janet Centers had been an employee of Caring Company since it was started in 2000. Not only was Janet a great caregiver, but she also cared for her parents. Since 2006, Janet has operated Caring Company with the same vision that it was created with.

Janet seeks out only the best caregivers, making sure that she would be comfortable with them caring for her parents. Her experience in the industry makes Caring Company the best home care company that you can choose.

The Caring Company operates out of a residential office located in Rochester Hills. If you'd like to come visit us in person, please schedule an appointment. We are open 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday.

Caring Company
1744 June Ave
Rochester Hills, MI 48309